3 Great Deals in the East Village

I just came across three really great deals in the East Village. I really love this neighborhood, and whenever I hear about a great deal there, I jump all over it.

If you’re interested in any of these apartments or others in the East Village, don’t hesitate to contact me (954.534.6394).

3 Bedroom/1.5 Bath on E. 11th Street


This is a spacious 3 bedroom on E. 11th Street includes 1.5 baths and an in-unit washer-dryer. The price was just reduced, so this apartment will move fast. The landlord is one of my favorites in NYC. They take really nice care of their units and tenants.

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3 Bedroom/1 Bath on E. 14th Street


Here’s another unit that is priced to rent fast. While the bedrooms are small in this converted three bedroom apartment, all rooms fit a full bed. Some renters may prefer to use the third bedroom as a living room instead. Finally, there’s outdoor space just off one of the bedrooms.

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4 Bedroom/2 bath on E. 13th Street


This ground floor apartment has 4 bedrooms and 2 baths. The unit is undergoing renovations now, so I couldn’t take any pictures of the interior. However, I did capture a picture of some of the outdoor furniture included with its private patio. The unit includes a washer-dryer and a dishwasher.600

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